Follow @ban_voyage on Instagram for my real-time #plasticfreejourney. Below I will highlight the businesses and products I have mentioned on Instragram.

Hefty energy bag

Exist Green

Exist Green, is an amazing plastic-free shop that also sells local grains, produce, and products. The focus on food and your basic needs is so refreshing for starting a journey to live zero waste, plastic-free, and sustainable. They have all the basics; soaps, detergents, razors, spices, floss, bandages, implements, storage..all PLASTIC FREE. You can take your glassware in to refill your dish soap, olive oil, detergents, etc.

This is the place you will go weekly to get your everyday needs. Also, you will go here to learn.

The Dapper Dwelling

I LOVE the idea of buying goods from a modern General Store that could stay in your family for generations. Quality, sustainable items that are not anywhere near a “throwaway culture”. Please visit the website or the store, I did not take pictures of all of the beautiful heirlooms, just the practical bits.

From their website: “Home is sacred—our safe harbor, our sanctuary, our hearts on display. At Dapper Dwelling, we believe that the products that we live with affect not only our wellbeing, but that of our community and the future of our world. Our modern general store is a labor of love, born of a passion for social responsibility and slow living. Dapper Dwelling products are made with the utmost quality and specific intention to fit seamlessly into your lifestyle for years to come. Each item is hand-picked by Brooke and Christopher Keele, Dapper Dwelling’s founders and curators. By connecting consumers with makers, growers, and dreamers, we can create a world with fewer chemicals and more craftsmanship.”


Whoa, These bars are a game-changer. I tried some local items but when I got the ethique hair and face samplers, I never wanted to try another. This product is made in New Zealand but available on Amazon and soon to be available at Target! However, I realize the issues with all of these sources. I will continue to find a local alternative.

Bausch and Lomb


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